Saturday, November 9, 2019


Bla In this modern world, nearly everyone has a computer. They use them for personal, job, and study purposes. People who use computers laptops and other electronics use computers for so much that if they were to be taken away, those who depend on electronics would be useless from lack of technology. Computers are so widely used the are one of the common house utensils. People use computers and know how to manipulate through the software, but do they know what makes a computer a computer? The Earth Science discovery of silicon and semiconductors helped in the creation of personal computer (PC's). Silicon is a semiconductor or metalloid, which conducts electricity better than things like wood or glass, but not as well as things like copper and silver. These properties make silicon and other semiconductors the target for computer manufactures. Why do these properties make silicon so great for computers? Unlike conductors that will send and conduct any electrical current uncontrollably what soever, electric current moving through silicon is easily manipulated so it can be shut off, turned on, and transfer computer code.This image was selected as a picture of the week o...

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