Monday, November 18, 2019

Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 13

Marketing - Essay Example sly existed between countries of various parts of the world and has thereby paved the way for economic development through the process of creation of internal and domestic demand for products and services of international brand, quality, design and stature. It is of considerable importance to state that the need of economic development has led to the process of opening up of economies around the world. The emergence of new and developing economies around the globe has played a catalytic role in the process of increasing the level of competition in the marketplace. So quite naturally, this has led to the process of increasing the demand for standardised and high quality goods and services in regions all over the world. In an attempt to maintain a level of standardization, the services sector all over the world has focused on implementing various new tools and strategies that considerably helps in the process of developing a significant benchmark of service delivery and retaining of authentic quality. With the growth, penetration and continuous evolution of technology, the global services sector has broadened its extension to delivering services to clients who are located in various parts of the world. It is of significant importance to state that in an attempt to do so, the services sector has increasingly embedded the technology platform as a medium of delivery in their entire service delivery model. It can be said that the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel is part of the highly popular brand of hotel chain which is trademarked by the group Hilton Worldwide. The hotel offer hospitality sector based service offerings, which are found to be falling within the category of mid-range pricing. The hotel and its esteemed services are mostly targeted consumers all over the world, who essentially form the segment of business men and leisure travellers. Talking in a more detailed manner, it can be said that the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel is a part of the independently operating chain

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