Saturday, November 2, 2019

Consumer culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Consumer culture - Essay Example In marketing the notion concerning consumer culture has been incorporated because of its importance in the subsequent generations, more notably is the tie with capitalism where it is more driven with money though it is distinguished most by its focus on the satisfaction that is attained by purchasing or spending on a product or a service rather than its monetary value and the emergence of conspicuous consumption where there is development of leisure class and enhancement of social status through spending on property and material possession. Modern consumer culture came began to be evident during the industrial revolution attributed by the availability of a wider range of diversified products and services to the larger population and affordable prices therefore there individuals from the various classes developed varying ways consumption giving rise to the emergence of different distinguished consumer cultures (Lury 2011). With time as the globalization and internationalization took i nto effect consumer behaviors, values, and aspirations has changed and the consumption and spending on individuals do not depend entirely on the societal social status such as ranks, religion and social class. This trend has been attributed by the use of the good or a service and the non-monetary values derived from them thus restructuring the consumer culture social identities. The effect results of the varying consumer behaviors is highly determined by the producers need to sustained continuous consumption of these products and services thus importance of marketing becoming an issue of concern in the development of varying consumer trends of a particular product. Marketing has played an important role in the establishment and sustenance of modern consumer cultures. Marketing is considered to being the major force behind the consumer culture of individuals and various groups in the society therefore marketing is regarded by producers to have a significant influence that has the abi lity to transform consumer culture. Marketing has a pervasive influence and persuasive effect through its messages it has connecting the consumer needs with the available consumption opportunities (Lury 2011). Globalization is one of the features resulting from the influence of marketing on the consumer cultures; there is establishment of consumer market segments that are considered to being universal associated with various products, services, places and the diversified groups in the society and this brings about cross-cultural and transnational consumer cultures. The cross-cultural and transnational consumer culture provides that any individual or groups within the larger global society can be a consumer (Lury 2011). However the freedom and the non-constraints associated with this is determined and influence by the consumer material and resource aspirations. It is ideal to have a contemporary consumer society where there is endless choice of products and serv

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